Pre-Assembled Plastic Fasteners and Nylon Fastener Components
Nylon Fasteners plastic fastener assembly

Pre-Assembled Fasteners

Nyltite is pleased to offer our professional services and cost competitive pricing on pre-assembled plastic fasteners. Let our investment in efficiency and years of experience benefit you by providing complete pre-assembled fasteners of your choice.

Decades of supplier relationships and years of focus on improving efficiency: We are able to provide you with fasteners that have Nyltite parts often for less than you are paying now. Additionally, we save you time and money while improving your products quality.


Pre-assembled fasteners from Nyltite are available for less than the cost of fasteners & liquid thread sealant. Liquid sealants are wasteful, cumbersome to use, and expensive. Once tested, we know that you'll become one of our numerous long term patrons.

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